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[AMV] The Walking Dead | NEFFEX - Rumores


#Lumidayer #LumidayerAmv 👍 SHORT to help! ✔️ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/Lumidayer 🔔 ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS so you don't miss new videos! ✔️ CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHANNEL GROW: THE WALKING DEAD「AMV」From Ashes to New My Fight final season Copyright Free Music Lyrics: she has good long hair and you know she is a bad girl all the boys look can't help, it's a habit clothes she wears short skirt and a jacket I just want her to be alone on a mattress I just want to have this I just have to have rumors around say your body is fantastic all natural is not a piece of it is plastic head to your toes yes they say she's elastic yes, whispers everywhere say she has a reputation don't believe it until i see it, so i want a demo and I always learned better with my hands in education so i need a private session if you understand what i'm saying and they say that it is not easy no, it is really complicated but it just makes it better and it makes me so obsessed and I'm not the type to wait around I never hesitated but she captivated me so that the game I'm playing she does PRE: she has a body like a cocaine demon she likes to keep the party these rumors made me feel lonely I want this body baby, show me I heard you look good in a summer dress I heard you look good when you're naked I heard you like to run away I heard you like to stay out late I heard you had some boyfriends I heard they didn't treat you well I heard that you are hated by your friends 'Cause all the guys want you tonight they say she is very hot they say she is very cold where it came from no one really knows they say she looks young, but they say she acts old of everything I heard it gets out of hand and all the boys say she was sent from heaven but I'm not sure if this girl is a blessing she has devilish eyes and they will cut you like a gun she's stuck in my mind like a bad obsession. have bad intentions

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