Nubank launches Pix function in credit; see how it works


Nubank launches Pix function in credit; see how it works

Nubank announced this Thursday (21) the launch of Pix no credit, which uses the credit card limit to make instant transfers. Payment, which appears on the invoice, can be made in a single installment or up to 12 installments.

According to the bank, the new function can be used to transfer values ​​to both individuals and legal entities (companies). For those who are going to receive the amount, there is no difference, as the balance is deposited on the spot as if it were a traditional Pix.

Before making the transfer, the customer can simulate the installments and check the fees that will be charged to the credit card.

What is Pix in credit for?
According to Nubank, Pix on credit can be done in situations where the person does not have a bank account balance, for example. In emergencies, where an essential item needs to be repaired, for example, the form of payment may be appropriate.

People who like to concentrate all payments on their credit card and control the amounts on the invoice can also opt for the medium. In cases of stores that give discounts for transactions via Pix, the system can also be the best option.

The novelty is gradually being made available to Nubank customers. The recommendation is to keep the application up to date, since as soon as the function is available, the person will be notified.